ATCS Membership

Membership is open to anyone interested in telephones, insulators, switches and other equipment associated with telephony and telegraphy as well and sound equipment such as radios, gramophones, music boxes, etc. Membership gives enthusiasts the opportunity to further the enjoyment of their hobby by the exchange of knowledge and ideas with others having similar interests. Subscription renewal falls due on 1st July each year but if you join during the year you will only be charged for the remaining part of the year.

From July 2017, membership will take two forms - 6 printed newsletters posted to your address (Australia and New Zealand only) or 6 newsletters available in electronic form downloadable from the Society website.

Annual subscription for 2017/2018 is as follows:
Member (Australia and New Zealand) with printed & posted newsletters: $30.00
Member (Australia and New Zealand) with electronic copy of newsletters: $20.00
Member (Rest of World) with electronic copy of newsletters: $20.00
Joining Fee: $10.00
Re-joining Fee: $ 5.00

All subscriptions to be in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS to avoid bank charges incurred in clearing overseas cheques.

PAYPAL Account Holders:
New memberships and renewal subscriptions can be paid using PAYPAL.
Simply click on the box below to access PAYPAL.....

Please include your Membership Number or "NEW MEMBER" when making PAYPAL payments.

Please address all other membership enquires, applications, renewals, changes, etc., to:
ATCS Membership Secretary,
P.O. Box 396, Moorebank, NSW, 1875,
or email to: