News from the STAA Editor

from the January 2018 Newsletter

Another year has come and gone and we are now into 2018. I trust you all enjoyed your clubs' Christmas luncheon, Christmas Day and New Year's Day. All the best for the new year. Each of the clubs concluded the year with a club luncheon generally subsidised by the individual clubs. From all reports these were relatively well attended. The ATCS took the opportunity to make the Christmas function a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the club's beginnings.

Because of member feedback we have decided to change a section of the newsletter dealing with individual presidents reports about club activities and meetings. In place of the regular reports we are merely listing the office holders and details of upcoming meetings where available. I would still like to receive state reports and photos from either the president or secretary of each member association. This information can be used to write an article about what is happening or coming up in the member associations. The current newsletter is a transition with respect to this concept.

It is appropriate that I take this opportunity to thank the individual officers and committee members of the STAA and its member associations who work behind the scenes to make things happen. I thank those that have submitted articles for publication in the newsletter. Without those contributions there would be no newsletter. Please keep those articles coming in or think about writing something that would interest the membership.

Your committee should have a copy of the latest update of the constitution which has basically been ratified by the STAA committee. A copy of the proposed constitution has been placed on the STAA website. If you don't have email or web access call me and I will post one out to you. It is important that members of each of the clubs are happy with the constitution. It is easier to amend it at this stage so please read it and pass on any queries or concerns to your committee representative or your club president. Hopefully it will be an agenda item for discussion at your next local meeting.

Happy collecting

George Psorakis
Acting STAA Editor

from the November 2017 Newsletter

It was saddening to receive the resignation of Jack O'Brien (aka Dr Jack Ryan) as a committee member of the Sound and Telecommunications Association Australasia and as editor of "the Exchange".

Jack has done a great deal of work on the constitution of the STAA and as editor was forced to write most of the articles in "The Exchange" because of lack of contributions from members. Writing articles involved a fair amount of time consuming research and as Jack was still working full time his time was extremely precious balancing his business activities, personal family life, phone club activities on both a state and national level and also on an international level.

He was blamed for being late with newsletters and even though it was not always his fault he finally had enough and resigned.

At present we are looking for an editor. Whilst I've acted as an editor over the years most of my skills in graphic design were developed when we sent articles to be typeset in a particular font etc and ordered screen bromides of photos and illustrations to be pasted up so that printing plates could be made. Although I did some graphic design courses in the late 80's things have moved on from then and some of the programs I mastered no longer exist. I did struggle to get the newsletter out on time and I thank Jack for sending me a template to work from. I apologise if the layout is a bit patchy and I thank John Paskulich from the, Western Australia Historic Telephone Society Inc. for coming to the rescue with 2 articles.

I must stress that it is important that members contribute to the newsletter with articles about the facets of collecting that interest them. Even travels visiting antique shops fi nding that rare phone or cheap phones could be the basis of an article.

It is also important that the state reports are with the editor as soon as possible after the local meeting and preferably by the third week prior to the month of publication. (the odd months).

Looking back in the past I see that Bob Mills was responsible for most of the articles in the ATCS newsletters for the past 20 years and likewise in the AHTS Marco Laudani and the late Linley Wilson wrote most of the articles. I appeal to all members to try and submit something for publication. Please do not feel embarrassed to do so. I take this opportunity to formally thank Jack O'Brien for his valued contribution as a committee member of the STAA and editor of "The Exchange".

As we are approaching the festive season I would like to wish all members of the member clubs of the STAA a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

George Psorakis
Acting STAA Editor