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by Bob Estreich

This pair was given to me by a customer whose son worked in the Melbourne Workshops at the time the new 800 series phones were being developed. He said it was one of a number of plugs that they were trying out at the time. The base is about the size of the standard plug and socket, but the plug sits on top of the base instead of entering from the side. These is no APO marking on it, but the plug is marked PT8221 over PEY/88. The socket is PT8222 over PEY88. The socket also has Pat. App. 12749/66.

The socket cover is held on by two rather small and sharp-edged screws. Inside, the six metal springs are a bit flimsy-looking and have slits in them so wires can be attached with a punch-tool. Because they are deeply recessed, access to them is a bit fiddly.

When the plug is enters the socket it has a nice solid feel about it. The whole unit is about the same length as the 610/611 assembly but stands out from the wall twice as far. I suspect this would have made it more vulnerable to damage from furniture and feet.

Does anyone know anything more about it?

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