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One of the difficult things about editing the A.T.C.S newsletter is the co-ordination of contributing authors. Often I am chasing people up at the eleventh hour in order to meet our deadline. Jerry would have to be one of the more, shall we say, less reliable contributing authors. You can therefore understand my amusement when the following letter and reply came across my desk...

Ten days late!

The Editor

Dear Jerry,

I wonder if you can help me? I have been collecting telephones for a number of years and spend a great deal of time scouring the countryside looking for that elusive part in preparation for my restoration projects.

The problem is that I quite often have all the parts to begin my restorations, but I never seem to get around to actually starting them.

What can I do?

Ken Around.

Dear Ken,

I am afraid, my dear chap, you are what is known as a "Procrastinator" (I bet you thought I couldn't spell it Mr. Editor but I looked it up in my Thesawrus).

I feel quite confident in this diagnoses. All the tell tale signs are there. The clincher was when I realised that your letter was dated almost two years ago, but obviously never sent.

I remember quite vividly my grandmother quoting the old adage to me "Procrastination is the thief of time!" In fact my grandmother seemed to have an old adage for nearly every occasion. "Don't forget to wear clean underpants in case you are hit by a bus" was one of her favourites. I remember being confused about the correlation between dirty underpants and public transport. Did bus drivers have sophisticated dirty underwear seeking devices fitted in the cabin constantly scanning for the less hygenic pedestrians in order to seek public humiliation in hospital casuality wards? And if they did, what public good was served by this rather violent examination technique? But I digress.

You are not alone in suffering from this affliction. My best mate Bluey is affectionately known as "Artillery" at the pub because he is always "gunner get on to it", but never does. I myself an constantly battling to drag myself away from the television.

I watch a lot of television but frankly I don't always understand it. It is probably because I am constantly flitting around the channels with my remote control.

For example, just the other night, I was watching both the Federal Election results and the broadcast of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi-Gras parade. The good lady wife took almost an hour to explain to me that I was incorrect in assuming that it meant we were having a bi-election. I had been quite concerned that parliamentary question time was going to include questions such as "What about the homosexual bill?" and the reply would echo across the house, "Well, I propose we pay it!"

What you need is dicipline. Set yourself a goal and keep it. Deadlines will keep you honest and give you a great deal of satisfaction to boot.


Not a lot about telephones but at least he finished it! I would of thought he might make some comment about the proposed sale of Telstra.

The Editor.

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