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Amendments to NSW Government Railways and Tramways Special Instructions


Page 120-Clause 9 -

Cleansing of Mouth-pieces of Telephones The attention of the Staff generally is directed to the obvious necessity for the vulcanite mouth-pieces of telephones being wiped out daily with a clean rag or duster soaked in a solution of formalde-hyde and water, in the proportion of one tablespoonful of the former to a pint of water.

The duty of regularly cleaning the telephones in the manner indicated is to be delegated to one particular individual, such as a Junior, Office Cleaner, or Messenger; supplies of formalde-hyde to be obtained on ordinary requisition to the Comptroller of Stores.

In addition to the foregoing instructions, a clean duster must be kept suspended near the telephone, in order that each caller may wipe the mouth-piece after use.

Officers and all others concerned are enjoined to see that the cleansing of telephone mouth-pieces is regularly performed by the member of the Staff to whom the duty is allotted.

Submitted by Paul Simpson

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